1. My 2022 Reddit Place Time Lapse

    Published Apr 10, 2022.

    The 2022 Reddit Place event has ended. Again the devs were kind enough to release the raw place data. Reddit already provided an official time lapse, but my goal was to create a higher quality time lapse where each frame of the 60fps video was one second of the event …

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  2. How to Deploy Windows 10 Default Taskbar Settings

    Published Feb 21, 2018.

    Windows 10 adds quite a few default buttons to the taskbar. Most of my users don't need or want them, so I've taken to hiding them by default. I don't want to use Group Policy for this, as I want users to be able to change it if they want …

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  3. How to Deploy Firefox with Bookmarks and Addons

    Published Dec 07, 2017.

    Unlike Chrome, managing Firefox is a bit of a pain. However, I can't bring myself to pull it from our system images. I like Firefox! Documentation floating around the web is a mix of old, wrong, or doesn't fit my goals. I want to:

    • Bundle company bookmarks
    • Set some settings …
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  4. Export-WindowsImage from ESD to WIM can't be mounted

    Published Nov 28, 2017.

    Today I was converting an ESD to WIM. When mounting the WIM with Mount-WindowsImage, I got an error: an attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

    It seems like a simple Export-WindowsImage from ESD preserves the ESD format instead of actually converting it to WIM. I …

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