1. Google Fi in Cincinnati

    Published Dec 26, 2020.

    I have not heard much talk about Google Fi in Cincinnati so I figured I would write a quick review. I've been using it since the original Google Pixel release in October 2016. Back then it was Project Fi. Porting my number from Sprint was easy, and I got it …

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  2. How to Deploy Windows 10 Default Taskbar Settings

    Published Feb 21, 2018.

    Windows 10 adds quite a few default buttons to the taskbar. Most of my users don't need or want them, so I've taken to hiding them by default. I don't want to use Group Policy for this, as I want users to be able to change it if they want …

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  3. How to Deploy Firefox with Bookmarks and Addons

    Published Dec 07, 2017.

    Unlike Chrome, managing Firefox is a bit of a pain. However, I can't bring myself to pull it from our system images. I like Firefox! Documentation floating around the web is a mix of old, wrong, or doesn't fit my goals. I want to:

    • Bundle company bookmarks
    • Set some settings …
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  4. Export-WindowsImage from ESD to WIM can't be mounted

    Published Nov 28, 2017.

    Today I was converting an ESD to WIM. When mounting the WIM with Mount-WindowsImage, I got an error: an attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

    It seems like a simple Export-WindowsImage from ESD preserves the ESD format instead of actually converting it to WIM. I …

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