Google Fi in Cincinnati

I have not heard much talk about Google Fi in Cincinnati so I figured I would write a quick review. I've been using it since the original Google Pixel release in October 2016. Back then it was Project Fi. Porting my number from Sprint was easy, and I got it done within a day. They use cellular towers from different carriers along with WiFi to provide service.

I frequent Cheviot, North College Hill, Reading, and Lockland. Coverage is pretty good in all these places. At work I'm in a basement all day, but they provide WiFi so I call still call and text normally. "WiFi Calling" on Sprint was always flaky for me. I had to turn it off & on and even then sometimes it didn't work. Not to mention their coverage and speeds were pretty bad for me in those areas.


  • Good cell coverage because they use several carriers.
  • WiFi can cover gaps in service.
  • Base plans and family plans are cheap.
  • If you don't use much data you can save money.


  • Need one of their approved phones to get full features.
  • If you use a lot of data (more than 10GB/mo) it's not a great deal.

Overall I highly recommend Google Fi! Join using this link and get a $20 credit.