1. Deploy Application Updates with Ninite with a Cache on your LAN

    Published Jan 23, 2015.

    Recently we purchased Ninite Pro for our organization and have implemented silent application updating via a scheduled task with PowerShell. This process uses a cache on our LAN to store updates and speed the whole process along. After some thinking I decided I wanted to get this working off-site so that when students take their laptops home over the summer, they can continue to receive updates.

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  2. Enable Bitlocker Disk Encryption Via Scheduled Task

    Published Oct 07, 2014.

    I've been working on deploying Bitlocker across our Active Directory domain via a scheduled task. The advantage of using a scheduled task to enable Bitlocker (versus a startup or shutdown script) is that I can configure it to run when the computer is idle. I liked this solution over a startup script because my users on laptops very very rarely reboot their computers, and so startup scripts very very rarely get a chance to run.

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  3. Remove All Drivers from a Windows Image by a Certain Vendor

    Published Jul 30, 2014.

    For when you find that you just need to remove all of the drivers from a captured image, or only those of certain makes. PowerShell makes it easy to script this removal so you aren't manually typing a ton of dism commands. I found myself needing to purge some problematic Intel drivers from an image in order to get USB working on some of our older machines. I found that it is possible to remove all drivers from a mounted Windows image and then commit the changes back to the captured WIM completely in PowerShell. Read on if you need the skinny.

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