1. IPv6 on Time Warner / Spectrum

    Published Dec 03, 2016. Updated May 09, 2020.

    I recently moved and had to give up my beloved Fioptics gigabit Internet service. They were great, but the only thing they are behind on is IPv6 deployment. In 2015 when I switched to Fioptics, I asked them about their IPv6 plan and got a vague answer along the lines of "we're working on it". Time Warner had working IPv6 for a long time. Now that I'm back on Time Warner, it's time to get some sweet sweet IPv6 again.

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  2. How to use Cincinnati Bell Fioptics with your own router

    Published Sep 23, 2015. Updated May 09, 2020.

    I recently purchased gigabit Fioptics Internet service from Cincinnati Bell. At first I was hesitant to go through with it. I did not want to use a crappy ISP router and forgo my wonderful ASUS RT-AC86U or be stuck running some sort of NAT-behind-NAT nightmare network. The day after installation, I took it upon myself to get my ASUS gateway working and remove Cincinnati Bell’s router. I was able to do this while keeping my Fioptics TV and on-demand features working. It was easy, but there is not much guidance out there on the Internet so I figured I would document my setup online.

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